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Horse Conjunctivitis treatment featured image

Horse Conjunctivitis treatment

How to Treat Horse Eyeball Conjunctivitis Eyeball conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is a common infection among horses. Left unchecked, pink eye can become more serious….

Horse Parasite Signs and Treatments featured image

Horse Parasite Signs and Treatments

While some horse health issues are easy to spot. Horse parasites can often go undetected which is what makes them even more dangerous. Parasites can…

Fitting a Horse Saddle featured image

Fitting a Horse Saddle

Learning to fit a saddle is one of the most important skills a horse owner can learn. A properly fitted saddle is comfortable for both…

KAUFFMAN’S Flex Steps now in a Pelleted version featured image

KAUFFMAN’S Flex Steps now in a Pelleted version

Kauffman’s is proud to announce the addition of Kauffman’s Flex Steps in a pelleted version. Kauffman’s ran several 30 day palatability trials which proved high palatability….

Support Equine Muscle Health

Recent research has prompted leading equine nutritionists to suggest increased dietary intake of Vitamin E in equines to assist with Equine Muscle Health. KAUFFMAN’S Amino-E…