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Animal Health Supplements for Performance and Nutrient Deficiencies

Welcome to the home of Kauffman’s® Premium Equine Supplements, Fortitude® Canine Supplements and LIRA GOLD® Animal Health Products, all newly acquired divisions of the Daniel Baum Company Inc. Whether you’re a horse owner, the manager of a large dairy farm or you’re looking for the right nutritional supplement for your beloved family pet, you want to give them the highest quality supplement products available.

Our Animal Supplements & Specialty Products

Our equine, canine and bovine supplement products are designed and formulated to support a wide variety of daily nutritional health and performance needs. Our all-natural nutritional products are being used successfully by animal owners across the U.S. and around the globe and are available locally or online. Our focus is on providing supplement products that contribute to better overall health, well-being, and performance for your animals.

KAUFFMAN’S® Premium Equine Supplements have been helping equine owners for over 35 years and are recognized throughout the industry as high-quality supplements and specialty products to meet the needs of today’s equine athletes.

Our Fortitude® high-quality canine supplements are formulated with expertise from a licensed veterinarian, who specializes in animal nutrition and actively provides consultation to the pet and animal food supplements industry. 

The LIRA GOLD® animal supplement product line has been delivering solutions that have helped dairy, beef, sheep, goat, llama and alpaca growers for several decades. 

We encourage you to check out how our products can help you and your animals with the nutritional and health benefits that contribute to their better overall health.

Our Quality-Driven Commitment

Our products are manufactured for us in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled manufacturing plant within the United States. Modern, efficient blending and packaging equipment allows us to provide you with products produced to the highest quality standards.  Our manufacturing partner’s facility also meets the standards of the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program requirements.

Helpful Support For Our Customers

We’re also committed to sharing information and working with all customers to help you meet your goals in owning animals. Contact us directly for more information on these products or how we can help you with the solutions you need.



I have been using your Integri-Hoof supplement for several years on my old thoroughbred.  He had terrible hooves.  Thin soles and walls with a flakey texture.  But after a year on Integri-Hoof, Skeeter's hooves changed for the better dramatically.
I remember having a chat concerning the use of supplements for hoof problems with my farrier who has worked on my horses for over twenty years.  In his opinion, supplements did not have much to do with hoof quality, "it's environment, feed and genetics," he said, " so don't waste your money."  He always found trimming Skeeter to be interesting.  He'd think out loud saying 'so what've we got this time.'  In fact, he asked me to remind him every time he went to work on Skeeter, that 'this is the horse you don't take any sole off of or he's sore for a couple weeks."  
We live at 7200 ft. elevation at the base of the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming.  This climate It is NOT conducive to even good hooves. It's a dry climate with lots of sun but extremely long, cold and snowy winters plus flood irrigation of our pastures in the summers.  Tough horses are needed in Wyoming!  I bought Skeeter in Arizona 23 years ago where he did not have any hoof problems.  But I was just so impressed with his big heart and beautiful eye, I never gave up on him....we traveled many steep and rocky trails here in beautiful Wyoming but have had a number of layoffs due to hoof problems.
After reading the reviews in Horse Journal, I started feeding Integri-Hoof to my aging handsome thoroughbred. Unfortunately, it was kind of a last ditch effort to make him more comfortable or face that inevitable decision about quality of life, he'd been retired for several years.  Finally, the farrier said, "wow, is this the same horse with those terrible hooves?"  I said 'Yeah' now you can see the difference a high quality hoof supplement makes, can't you?!...........He said Yeah, where did you find that!!!

– Kay M.