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KAUFFMAN’S® Integri-Hoof is a premium hoof supplement that enhances the development and maintenance of strong, healthy hooves. This hoof supplement has been manufactured in an ultramodern climate-controlled facility using only the best ingredients to guarantee a quality product. It features all the key nutrients that your horse requires and in the appropriate amounts and ratios. Integri-Hoof is the #1 recommended hoof supplement by Horse Journal and the only nutritional product to make their top ten products for 2009.

Product Details

Integri-Hoof  is a premium, pelleted protein, vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement formulated to support the ‘integrity’ of healthy hooves; the foundation of any equine athlete.  Manufactured in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility using only the highest quality ingredients guarantees a premium product.

In addition to the traditional proven ingredients found in hoof supplements (biotin, methionine, lysine, etc.), Integri-Hoof has been balanced for micro-minerals, especially copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) with minimal interference from iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn).

The yeast culture component has been scientifically shown to support enhanced digestion and digestive efficiency, particularly the digestibility of important macro- and micro-minerals (Ca, P, Cu, Zn and Mg), integral to healthy bones and hooves.

Your Questions Answered

Soybean Meal, Yeast Culture, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Corn Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles, dl-Methionine, Zinc Proteinate, Glycine, Dried Molasses, Soy Protein Concentrate, Biotin, Corn Oil, l-Lysine Monohydrochloride, Copper Proteinate, Ascorbic Acid, Soy Lecithin, Cobalt Proteinate, Mixed Tocopherols (a preservative), Rosemary Extract Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide

Feed at the rate of three ounces per horse per day. Top dress 1.5 ounces over morning and evening feeding to achieve three ounce daily feeding. Daily feeding may be safely doubled.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Per lb Per 3 oz
Crude Protein, min 40.00% 34 g
Lysine, min.  3.00%  2.5 g
Methionine, min. 5.00% 4.2 g
Glycine, min. 2.50% 2.1 g
Crude Fat, min. 3.00% 2.5 g
Crude Fiber, max. 8.00% 6.8 g
Copper, min. 1,180 ppm 100 mg
Zinc, min. 4,720 ppm 400 mg
Iron, min. 115 ppm 10 mg
Cobalt, min. 65 ppm 5.5 mg
Iodine, min. 30 ppm 2.5 mg
Manganese, min. 20 ppm 1.7 mg
Choline, min. 800 mg 150 mg
Biotin, min. 110 mg 20 mg
Ascorbic Acid, min. 3,000 mg 562 mg


Amino Acid Profile:

Per lb Per 3 oz
Proline 1.20%   1,020 mg
Tyrosine 0.70% 595 mg
Phenylalanine 1.10% 936 mg
Cystine 0.30% 255 mg
Arginine 1.50% 1,275 mg
Leucine 1.65% 1,400 mg


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Product Testimonial

Horse Journal’s Top 10 Products, 2009 – read the full article here

  • Horses with weak, damaged hooves
  • Everyday to help support normal hoof growth
  • Lesson/ performing horses
  • Cart and harness horses
  • Working Horses
  • Race Horses
  • Pleasure Horses

Horse Journal - Top 10 Product 2009

Recommended as one of the best horse hoof supplements by Horse Journals and the only nutritional supplement to be selected by Horse Journal as a “Top Ten Product” for 2009, KAUFFMAN'S Integri-Hoof contains ingredients vital to the integrity and continued health of the equine hoof.

KAUFFMAN'S Integri-Hoof is the highest quality, pelleted hoof supplement you will find that contains protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals formulated to enhance hoof strength and growth. Keep your horse's feet happy by giving him KAUFFMAN'S Integri-Hoof.

Common Horse Hoof Problems

Even when using the best horse hoof supplements, your horse's hooves can suffer problems due to simple nutritional deficiencies. For example, quarter cracks in the hoof occur if hoof walls are thin or weak from not receiving specific nutrients in your horse's diet. Improper trimming or poor conformation may also promote quarter cracks in thin hoof walls.

Because quarter cracks usually launch on the inside of the hoof, they only become obvious when the crack reaches the hoof wall's surface. At this stage, the cracked hoof may become infected and painful to the horse.

White Line Disease, also called “seedy toe,” is indicated when the inner hoof wall separates and appears as a crack or hole. This gives access to pathogens that may cause infection.

Hooves affected by seedy toe disease become brittle and dry, and may crumble when using a hoof pick. Causes of white line disease include previous bouts with laminitis and nutritional deficiencies, especially copper and zinc. Using a hoof supplement for horses can help with white line disease.

Common Nutritional Deficiencies That Lead to Hoof Problems

  • Zinc deficiency - If your horse has a zinc deficiency, you’ll notice their hoof experiences rapid growth, but is low on keratin and very brittle as a result. If your horse needs its hoof trimmed often then it’s time to check for zinc deficiency. Horses with zinc deficiency are more likely to develop white line disease.
  • Calcium deficiency - Calcium is associated with stronger bones, teeth and nails - a diet low in calcium will show in the nails. Similarly, a horse that has low calcium intake will suffer crumbling hooves due to their weakened state. Calcium deficiency is also a symptom of excess phosphorous in the horse's diet. Phosphorous inhibits the absorption of calcium within the small intestine.
  • Biotin deficiency - When your horse is lacking biotin, you’ll notice the formation of hardened layers on the hooves. These layers eventually start peeling off like onion layers. Biotin is responsible for the development of a healthy new hoof. So, when the hooves come out as hard, peeling layers, it’s time to add a biotin supplement to your horse's diet
  • Amino acids - These nutrients aid in the absorption of minerals, among other things. When your horse is short on amino acids, they’ll have many other mineral deficiencies. As a result, they’ll experience a myriad of hoof problems including brittleness and weakness in the horn. Amino acids are derived from proteins, so you must look for a high protein level when seeking out horse hoof supplements.
A farrier bending over, rasping a horse's hoof, having removed an old horseshoe and now preparing the hoof for fitting a new one.

Ensuring Hoof Health

Feeding your horses well does not guarantee they’ll be void of hoof problems. The hoof can be affected by the environment, shoeing or even a deformity in the horse's knees, among other things. The right horse hoof supplement will, however, ensure that whatever hoof problems you have to deal with won’t be due to nutritional deficiencies.

To ensure the health of your horse's hooves:

  • Give your horse a well-made supplement that will specifically eliminate the nutritional deficiencies associated with the hooves.
  • Limit exposure to abrasive terrain as much as possible since stones and other tough debris dent and weaken the horn over time.
  • Limit the amount of bran your horse eats. Bran has high phosphorous content, which can result in calcium deficiency.

Horse Hoof Health Care Tips

  • Use a stiff-bristled brush to clean debris away from your horse’s soles after you clean hooves with a hoof pick.
  • While cleaning hooves, check for evidence of cracks, puncture wounds, abscesses or thrush.
  • Inspect horseshoes to make sure they haven’t shifted or sprung from the hoof. Determine if you really need to shoe your horse.
  • Make sure your horse is regularly exercised. Physical activity not only promotes hoof health, but also keeps your horse health and happy.
  • Frequent exposure to muddy paddocks and dewy grass may expedite softening of horse hooves. Topical conditioners and sealants may help control absorption and water loss.

Considering that the hoof is more like human fingernails or toenails, you can expect nutrition to play a big part in their health and appearance. Thin, dry, peeling and brittle hooves are some of the symptoms you should be aware of. In addition to feeding your horse a proper diet, give him supplements for horse hoof care that contain the right amounts of biotin, zinc, copper, lysine and methionine.

More Questions About Healthy Hoof Maintenance?

If you’re looking for a hoof supplement that can prevent the development of hoof problems as well as treat existing problems, why not get in touch with Daniel Baum Company, Inc. today? We’re a trusted source of expert nutrition advice, and we offer one of the best hoof supplements on the market for your horse. Find a dealer near you or order online to purchase.

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