KAUFFMAN’S® Hydromax Paste


A unique electrolyte blend of minerals and nutrients to support fluid balance and muscle function in today’s equine athletes.

  • Use during summer heat and physical activity
  • Replaces lost electrolytes
  • Contains salt, potassium chloride, calcium, lactose and glycine
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Product Details

Hydromax Paste provides convenient support for when you’re on the go with your horse, and may be administered pre- and (or) post-race or competition. The formulation is based on KAUFFMAN’S® Hydromax (powder) and contains proven hydration ingredients (salt and potassium chloride) formulated to provide the proper amounts and ratios of sodium (Na), potassium (K) and chloride (Cl). It helps replace fluid lost through sweat and supports electrolyte balance.

Hydromax Paste is easy to administer and makes it easy to use when on the go or traveling. Recommended for horses trailering, in light to intense training, equine athletes, driving horses, environmental changes and excessive sweating.

Signs Your Horse Needs Hydration Support Hydrated

Regularly checking the consistency and appearance of a horse’s manure is one way to tell if a horse needs hydrated. Horses presenting hard, dry manure for more than two days may need more water and electrolytes.  Lethargy, lack of appetite, higher-than-normal body temperature, sunken flanks and rapid respiration are additional symptoms that could indicate your horse’s hydration levels are not where they should be.

To see if your horse needs hydrated, pinch a large skin fold at the middle of the horse’s neck. If the skin easily snaps back after letting go, the horse’s levels are fine. However, skin that remains folded for more than two seconds may indicate that the horse needs to drink more water and an electrolyte like Hydromax Paste.

How to Make a Horse Drink Water

Some horse owners try flavoring water with sugar-free Kool-Aid, powdered Gatorade or apple juice to entice their horse to drink more water. This may work with some horses, but doesn’t usually solve the long-term problem of maintaining good horse hydration. Including supplements that can be top dressed or mixed in water, like Hydromax Paste to keep horses hydrated is the best way to ensure your horse drinks the recommended five to 10 gallons of water daily.

Why Won’t My Horse Drink Water?

Ruling out illness or disease is the first step in determining why a horse isn’t drinking enough water. Healthy horses that avoid water are probably just being finicky, leaving it up to the owner to figure out why their horse isn’t drinking enough water.

Common Reasons Why Horses Stop Drinking Water

Horses are used to their routine at home. Water sources that smell or taste different than what they are used to drinking could be why they are reluctant to drink. This often happens when horses are traveling and owners must use different water containers and unfamiliar water sources.

Diets lacking in sodium. Achieving the correct balance of salt in your horse’s diet is necessary to stimulate an appropriate thirst response that makes the horse want to drink water. Since salt blocks offer highly variable amounts of sodium, veterinarians recommend enriching a horse’s diet with nutrient-rich salt supplements.

Water provided at an unappealing temperature. Horses prefer cool water in the summer and slightly warm water in the winter. Clean your horse’s watering system or bucket out every few days to prevent algae growth and mosquito proliferation.

Water provided in different containers. If your horse is used to drinking from a certain trough or bucket and you suddenly replace his old drinking bucket with a new one, he may balk at the change and refuse to drink water.

Your Questions Answered

Ingredients: Salt, Water, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Propylene Glycol, Lactose, Magnesium Oxide, Calcium Acetate, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Glycine, Fenugreek Seed, Whey Protein Concentrate, Hydroxylated Soy Lecithin, Sorbic Acid (a preservative), Methylparaben (a preservative), Xanthan Gum, Propylparaben (a preservative).

Guaranteed Analysis:

Per 60cc Per 30cc
Crude Protein, min. 1.35% 1,012 mg 506 mg
Glycine, min. 0.75% 512 mg 281 mg
Calcium, min. 1.30% 975 mg 487 mg
Calcium, max. 1.50% 1,124 mg 562 mg
Salt, min. 45.00% 33,750 mg 16,875 mg
Salt, max. 47.00% 35,250 mg 17,625 mg
Magnesium, min. 0.75% 562 mg 281 mg
Potassium, min. 10.00% 7,500 mg 3,750 mg


Feeding Directions: Dispense 15 to 30cc on back of horse’s tongue. May be given every 6-8 hours. Always provide plenty of water at all times.

  • Excessive sweating
  • Environmental changes
  • Animals under stress
  • Horses in light to intense exercise
  • Working and driving horses


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