KAUFFMAN’S® Amino-E provides nutritive support for muscle health of equine athletes by providing the three most limiting amino acids and supplemental Vitamin E in the proper amounts and ratios.

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Best Muscle Supplement for Horses

Lysine, methionine, and threonine are three amino acids that should be included in high-quality muscle-building supplements for horses. Without access to sufficient amounts of amino acids, horses cannot produce proteins, a nutrient essential for equine bone, blood and muscle health. In addition, amino acid-based proteins make enzymes responsible for catalyzing vital biochemical reactions within muscles and promote the release of antibodies, peptides, and hormones.

While horses naturally manufacture some amino acids, other amino acids are “essential,” or must be supplied through appropriate dietary sources and supplements. Lysine, methionine, and threonine are all essential equine amino acids.

Horse Muscle Builder Supplement Requirements

Methionine — A powerful amino acid and antioxidant that helps protect equine body tissues from free radical damage, methionine also aids in muscle-building and reducing the severity of muscle breakdown in sport and performance horses. Methionine also promotes skin and coat health and strong hooves. Signs of a methionine deficiency include edema, liver dysfunction and a brittle, dry coat.

Threonine — In addition to contributing to serine and glycine production necessary for optimal muscle tissue health, threonine enhances elasticity and strength of equine connective tissues to promote joint flexibility. The amino acid threonine also supports liver function as well as the functioning of the immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Equines given a muscle supplement for horses may also benefit from faster wound healing and expedited recovery following rigorous exercise.

Threonine deficiencies force horses to deplete their supplies of threonine, causing other amino acids to convert to carbon dioxide. Excess carbon dioxide resulting from a threonine deficiency is exhaled and excreted in urine. In addition, horses may also suffer from poor hair and coat quality, impaired hoof growth and weight loss. Mares not receiving enough threonine in their diet may experience reduced milk production, as well.

Lysine — Another amino acid essential to the best muscle supplement for horses is lysine. Important to nitrogen balance, bone growth and building muscle in performance horses, lysine also supports immune and nervous system functioning. Since most grain and grasses contain very low amounts of lysine, horse owners should consider supplementing their equine diet with lysine to avoid an amino acid deficiency. Developing foals, lactating mares and breeding stallions are especially susceptible to suffering a lysine deficiency, indicated by poor growth, poor muscle condition and potential bone breakdown in high-performance horses.

KAUFFMAN’S® Amino-E Horse Muscle Builder Supplement

In addition to vitamin E, Amino-E provides lysine, methionine and threonine for ongoing support of muscle health in performance and sport horses. The vitamin E supplement included in Amino-E also offers the overall benefits of calcium carbonate (bones and teeth), yeast cultures (gut health) and fenugreek seed (appetite and recovery).

To order your Amino-E muscle building supplement for horses, call Daniel Baum Company, Inc. today.

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Vitamin E supplement, Yeast Culture, Ground Limestone, l-Lysine Monohydrate, l-Threonine, Fenugreek Seed, dl-methionine, Sodium Aluminosilicate


Top dress one ounce per day on feed.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis Per Pound Per Ounce
Vitamin E, min. 80,000 IU 5,000 IU
Lysine, min. 10.60% 3,000 mg
Methionine, min. 2.86% 810 mg
Threonine, min. 6.46% 1,830 mg
  • Lesson horses
  • Performance horses
  • Work horses
  • Young horses
  • Muscle deficiencies
  • Anywhere amino acid supplementation is needed

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