Vitamin E & Selenium Powder


A supplemental source of Vitamin E & Organic Selenium in an easy to feed, stable base for equine.

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Vitamin E & Selenium Powder for Horses

Vitamin E and selenium are core components in your horse’s health, diet, well-being and performance when eventing, whether in the ring or on the trail. Our Vitamin E and Selenium Powder for horses offer an easy and tasty way to ensure your horse stays in top condition throughout the year.

Vitamin E and Selenium play a significant role in your horse’s overall health. Horses don’t produce either mineral naturally, so it’s crucial that they receive both in their daily diet to maintain optimal wellness.

Purpose of Vitamin E and Selenium in Horses

Both selenium and Vitamin E play vital roles in your horse’s short- and long-term health. Providing antioxidant support, they help fight free radicals and protect against free radical damage.

The individual roles of Vitamin E and selenium include:

Vitamin E: Nerve tissues, as well as your horse’s circulatory system, rely on Vitamin E. The antioxidant supports blood and tissue levels which helps decrease oxidative damage. Vitamin E also helps support the horse’s immune system too.

Selenium: Performance and endurance horses rely on their muscles to work. Selenium serves as a muscle protein, ensuring your horse has the strength to work. This mineral is also crucial for developing their adaptive immune system.

Because horses aren’t producers of Vitamin E or selenium, they rely on grazing. They need to graze around 12 hours per day to receive enough nutrients. For many owners, that’s not a viable option, which is why they use our all-natural supplements.

Symptoms of Vitamin E & Selenium Deficiency in Horses

Vitamin E and Selenium deficiency have symptoms you often don’t associate with a nutrient deficiency.

A blood test can determine if your horse is deficient. However, if your horses are mostly stabled, or are pregnant, lactating or under two years of age, they’re at an increased risk for having a shortage of these vital nutrients.

Feeding Kauffman’s® Vitamin E & Selenium Powder to Horses

Our Vitamin E and Selenium supplements are blended into an easy-to-feed powder or pellet that gives you peace of mind and provides your horse with the nutrients they need.

Our Vitamin E & Selenium Powder supplement for horses is blended into a stable, easy-to-feed base. Mix it in with your horse’s daily grain once a day, at one ounce per head, to give your horse their daily amount of Vitamin E and selenium.

It’s crucial that you follow the label directions and do not overfeed this supplement or feed any other supplement containing selenium while using our Vitamin E & Selenium Powder

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Ground Limestone, Yeast Culture, Rice Hulls,  Vitamin E Supplement, Selenium Yeast, Natural & Artificial Flavor.

Horses – feed at the rate of one ounce per head per day.  This will provide 2 mg of Selenium (Se) and 1,250 IU of Vitamin E per day.

Guaranteed Min Analysis:

Selenium (Se) 71 ppm 32 mg/lb
Vitamin E 20,000 IU/lb



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