Biotin 1085 with Methionine


Our most concentrated supplemental source of Biotin (Vitamin H). Like our Biotin 240 with Methionine, its value is enhanced by the addition of the sulfur containing amino acid Methionine. 

Product Details

Using Biotin with Methionine for Horses

There’s significant value in using targeted supplements for a horse’s long-term health. If you’re like most horse owners, you’re always searching for solutions to ensure you’re providing your equine with the absolute best you can offer.

This supplement mixture is a safe and effective option that’s been sold on the market for years. Biotin with methionine is well-regarded for its potency and ability to help a horse reap maximum value in terms of performance and longevity.

What Is Biotin With Methionine?

This combination supplement incorporates a concentrated amount of biotin and a sulfur-rich amino acid called methionine. Biotin and methionine have long been trusted for promoting healthy hooves, feet and hair in equine. The division of both supplements with 50 mg methionine and 100 mg biotin provides the highest degree of rewards for horse health.

The simple combination of these two ingredients creates a powerful solution that fosters a stronger, healthier horse.

Biotin with methionine is a natural solution that has been crafted through detailed research ensuring your horse maximizes its potential and receives the value it requires.

How to Best Use Biotin with Methionine for Horses Supplements

This potent supplement can quickly and easily be incorporated into any horse’s diet.

Generally, one rounded scoop per head per day is enough to ensure maximum benefits. The daily dosage can be added to the horse’s feed, and they’ll easily consume it with the rest of their food.

To consistently receive value from its use, continue using the supplement as part of your horse’s daily regimen.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many advantages your horse will see with methionine supplements. These benefits include:

  • Healthier hooves
  • Better coat
  • Stronger connective tissue
  • Enhanced skin health
  • Higher energy levels

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll notice once the supplement is added to your horse’s daily intake. This robust solution is designed to provide long-term health benefits and will work in unison with the rest of their diet.

Try Our Supplements with Confidence Today

It’s time to make a decision and purchase a pail of this supplement for your horse or request a sample today.

Backed by rigorous testing, the highest quality controls and decades of experience, Kauffman’s horse supplements are a cut above the rest. Since 1978, our solutions have been trusted by feed manufacturers and dealers as well as leaders in the horse racing industry.

You love your horses and we do, too. Through our proven dedication to animal health, we’ve established a reputation for taking great care to ensure our supplements are robust, potent, safe and of the highest quality.

Request a sample or place your order today and discover why KAUFFMAN’S Biotin 1085 with methionine for horses is one of the best equine supplements available anywhere.

Your Questions Answered

Ground Rice Hulls, Calcium Carbonate, dl-Methionine, and d-Biotin

To provide 15 mg of Biotin, feed one scoop per horse per day.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Per lb
Crude Protein, min 13.00%
Methionine, min. 90,720 mg
Biotin, min.  1,085 mg



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