Biotin 240 with Methionine


A concentrated supplemental source of Biotin (Vitamin H) with the added sulfur-containing amino acid Methionine. This supplement is blended into a dry, stable base for equine using high-quality spray dried Biotin to ensure uniform distribution throughout the entire product and the dl form of Methionine.

Product Details

Biotin-240 for Horses

Originally discovered in the early 1930s, Biotin is a B Vitamin that helps improve brittle nails and other skin disorders. Biotin is naturally found in eggs, almonds, nuts, legumes, milk, meat and whole grains. However, Biotin isn’t just good for humans. Horses also benefit from added Biotin-240 for hoof health and overall quality of life.

What Specific Conditions Does Biotin-240 Treat?

Biotin-240 with Methionine can help support a variety of hoof and skin conditions in horses. Conditions such as cracked, dry, brittle hooves that loose shoes easily may benefit from Biotin-240 supplementation. Horse owners, trainers and veterinarians are familiar with these issues. A regular Biotin-240 regimen should be considered after these conditions have been treated to help promote and maintain healthy hooves and coats.

What Exactly Is Biotin?

Biotin is a simple water-soluble B Vitamin, which plays an integral role in the body’s metabolism. It is inorganic and reacts with the horse’s body to help create healthy skin and hooves. It does this via the absorption process that synthesizes the Vitamin with the aid of intestinal bacteria naturally found in the horse.

Are All Horses Biotin Deficient?

There is no foolproof way to avoid a deficiency of Vitamin B in the diet. While a nutrient-rich diet is the primary means of getting vitamins and minerals, Biotin supplementation is advisable in order to effectively avoid coat and hoof issues.

Horses do not naturally eat the foods that are rich in Biotin. Therefore, many horse feeds include flax seed, an excellent source of Biotin-240, which is also easily digested. However, flax seed can quickly become rancid, which will render the Biotin in the feed inactive. High temperatures occur during the horse feed manufacturing process, which can also negatively affect the quality of available Biotin.

The environment and feed storage also contribute to the lack of Biotin in feed today. In addition, Vitamin B deficiency can be genetic, passing from one generation of horses to the next.

How Can I Supplement Biotin?

KAUFFMANS’S Biotin-240 with Methionine is an excellent product that adds an optimal dose of Biotin to your horse’s feed. This concentrated supplement is an excellent option to give your horses a regular supply of Biotin for healthy skin and hooves. Our formula is simple to blend into your horse’s daily ration, has a stable base and our Biotin-240 has been manufactured to ensure it is equally distributed throughout the product.

Try Kauffman’s Biotin-240 for Horses Today!

If you are looking for a high quality, vitamin B supplement for your horse, try our Biotin-240 with Methionine formula today and watch your horse’s skin and hooves improve. One rounded scoop per day will provide your horse with 15 mg of Biotin and about 700 mg Methionine.

Choose from three convenient sizes to accommodate one or all the horses in your stable. Place your order today and discover why Kauffman’s Equine health products have been trusted worldwide since 1978.

Your Questions Answered

Rice Hulls, Ground Limestone, Biotin, dl-Methionine.


For general equine use, feed at the rate of one ounce per day to provide 15 mg of Biotin and 700 mg Methionine per horse, per day.


Guaranteed Analysis:

Per lb Per 1 oz
Crude Protein, min 3.00% 14 g 850 mg
Methionine, min.  2.5% 11 g 700 mg
Biotin, min. 240 mg 15 mg






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