l-Lysine is a 98.5% feed grade lysine powder for protein supplementation in horses of all ages. 

l-Lysine is the first limiting amino acid that is critical for supporting muscle, growth and development.  Especially important for foals through adolescence and for high performance horses that may not get adequate lysine from their diet.


Product Details

L-Lysine is a 98.5% feed grade lysine powder designed to top dress or add to feed for when diets are not providing adequate levels of lysine, the most limiting amino acid in the protein synthesis chain that delivers protein throughout your horse’s entire system.  Manufactured in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility using only the highest quality ingredients to meet high customer expectations.

Lysine is the most limiting of the key limiting amino acids required for supporting body systems and functions that need protein to perform. Without adequate levels of lysine from their diet, horses are not able to synthesize or utilize other amino acids properly. Add l-Lysine when diets are deficient or added supplementation is desired to support growth and development, especially in young foals. Recommended for equine diets low in alfalfa, clover and soy protein.

Importance of Lysine and Amino Acids for Horses

Amino Acids are the building blocks for protein and make up over 70% of the horse’s body.  There are 21 amino acids that are used to make proteins in horses. Every day horses need amino acids in their diet to continually maintain their body.  Active horses and pregnant mares will require more to keep up with their needs.

It is recognized that there are 3 categories of amino acids into which the 21 amino acids that are used by horses to make proteins in their body.

  1. Essential – horses are unable to produce and must be provided in their diet
  2. Non-Essential – those that horses are naturally able to synthesize
  3. Conditionally Essential – can by synthesized but may need supplementation during heavy work load, stress or rapid growth. Glutamine and glycine are two of these.

Essential amino acids are those which the horse cannot produce on their own.  Lysine is the most limiting and one of the 10 essential amino acids that should be provided for horses in adequate levels to meet their needs and allow synthesizing of the non-essential amino acids they require.

Here are the 10 essential amino acids horses need:

Arginine                                              Methionine

Histidine                                              Phenylalanine

Isoleucine                                            Threonine

Leucine                                                Tryptophan

Lysine                                                  Valine

For horses, the three most limiting amino acids are lysine, methionine and threonine.  If those three are not provided in adequate levels, a horse cannot efficiently utilize the other essential amino acids and more importantly, synthesize the amino acids they normally produce from their diet.

Supplying these comes from ingredients that can be added to a horse’s and supplement to ensure your horse gets the amino acid support they need, especially in active horses requiring high muscle activity to do their job.

While you can add specific synthesized or extracted amino acids directly to your horse’s diet or supplement program, there are numerous natural ingredients that deliver excellent amino acid profiles that contain many, if not all of the essential amino acids and more.

Common sources include beef, poultry, dairy, eggs, beans, nuts, seeds, rice, soy, fish and yeast.

Adding l-Lysine to Deficient Diets Provides Most Limiting Amino Acid Support

l-Lysine when fed daily provides the most-limiting amino acid to ensure all amino acids are available to supply key body systems for the following scenarios:  ration balancing, heavy training/working, high performance events, weight management and young stock growth.

Your Questions Answered

l-Lysine Monohydrochloride

Feed one ounce per horse per day or as directed by a veterinarian

Guaranteed Analysis Per lb. Per oz.
l-Lysine 446.8g 27.9g
  • When lysine levels are deficient in diet
  • Young foals, weanlings, yearlings and adolescents undergoing rapid development
  • Support growth and development
  • Diets low in alfalfa, clover, soybean and other protein
  • Active and high performing equine athletes


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