KAUFFMAN’S® Equine Laxative


A supplemental source of Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloid in a palatable apple flavored base.


Product Details

Kauffman’s equine laxative supplement is an all-natural, bulk-producing, fiber grain complex designed to be added to the ration. It is gentle, effective, and helpful in addressing colic caused by sand and other materials.

Best Support for Colic from Sand and Other Materials

The best support for colic from sand and other materials is water and psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid, an active ingredient in KAUFFMAN’S Equine Laxative. By absorbing intestinal fluids and swelling to form a soft stool, psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid works to keep the digestive tract functioning properly and may help remove the possibility of colic.

Contact KAUFFMAN’S today to learn more about Equine Laxative and how it can naturally help address colic caused by sand and other materials.

Your Questions Answered

100% USP grade Psyllium Seed Husks (no hulls), Sucrose and Apple Flavor.

1) Add three heaping tablespoons or one scoop rounded full (enclosed) of KAUFFMAN’S Equine Laxative to feed per day for three days, then discontinue for three days.

2) Continue three days on three days off program for 30 days.

3) After 30 days, add one scoop to feed once per week, or as directed by a veterinarian

Guaranteed Analysis:

Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloid 50.0%



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