Horse Ration Balancers

Horse Ration Balancers

Not all ration balancers are created equal. KA-Hi is produced to be fed as a standalone feed or as a supplemental diet to your horse’s daily forage requirements, KA-HI offers an excellent combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids to complement your horse’s forage needs.

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It is packed with nutrients, so you only feed a small amount of the ration balancer. Typically, 1 to 2 pounds a day for a horse that weighs 1,000 pounds is sufficient. Ideal for reproduction, performance, growth and maintenance of horses, KA-HI will fulfill the diet needs of your equine without the excess calories and supplements that usually come with other feeds.

KA-HI ration balancer is designed for owners who prefer to feed their horses forage products or grains but want the additional benefits that this formula provides. Our supplement is specially formulated for horses with metabolic issues, easy keepers that require additional vitamins and minerals, performance horses that need quality protein and recovering horses that require rest, as well as growing horses and broodmares.

Benefits of KA-HI Ration Balancers

Let’s take a closer look at all the benefits KA-HI ration balancer provides:

It Is Nutrient-Dense — KA-HI ration balancers are packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals because they are meant to be fed in small amounts. This makes them ideal for easy keepers, since the horse gets all the nutrition it needs from one feed.

The low-calorie content also makes it perfect for horses on stall rest, or horses that are not worked regularly. It Has No Grain Content — Because KA-HI has no grains included in its ingredients, it is ideal for horses with metabolic problems such as glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. Additionally, KA-HI can still be fed to horses that show no signs of these conditions because a low-sugar diet can help prevent these diseases from ever developing in the first place.

It Is Forage Based — Since KA-HI ration balancer is forage-based; your horse will have a high chance of utilizing all the nutrients and calories. Higher chance of absorption means less waste and less feed needed.

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