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Solutions for Animal Health and Performance

Welcome to the home of Kauffman’s® Premium Equine Supplements, Fortitude® Canine Supplements and LIRA GOLD® Animal Health Products, all newly acquired divisions of the Daniel Baum Company Inc.

KAUFFMAN’S® Premium Equine Supplements, helping equine owners for over 35 years, are recognized throughout the industry as high-quality supplements and specialty products to meet the needs of today’s equine athletes.

Our Fortitude® high quality canine supplements are formulated with expertise from a licensed veterinarian specializing in animal nutrition and is active in providing consultation to the pet food and supplement industry. 

The LIRA GOLD® product line has been delivering solutions that have helped dairy, beef, sheep, goat, llama and alpaca growers for several decades. 

All of our products are designed to help provide the nutritional and health support your animals need every day. 


The Daniel Baum Company was born out of a third-generation family business active in manufacturing fermented sausage products. The discovery of a new process to speed up the fermentation of sweet bologna led to breakthrough product development, which resulted in the founding of the Daniel Baum Company in 1984. We continue to maintain our ties with the family bologna business while becoming a leader in delivering solutions for health and productivity.

Commitment to Excellence

The Daniel Baum Company is led by Dan Baum; who has built upon a degree in agriculture from Penn State University with over 30 years of experience in microbiology. In addition, our staff has practical expertise in business and sales in agriculture and animal health. Partnering with other quality-driven companies has enabled us to grow and increase efficiency while remaining exceedingly responsive to our customer’s changing needs. We are most proud of our reputation for top-quality products and outstanding service.

Quality Driven

Our products are manufactured for us in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled manufacturing plant. Modern, efficient blending and packaging equipment allows us to provide you with products produced to the highest quality standards.  Our manufacturing partner’s facility also meets the standards of the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program requirements.

Healthier Animals and a Happier You

Whether you’re a horse owner, the manager of a large dairy farm or you’re looking for the right supplement for your beloved family pet, you want to give them the highest quality supplement products available.

We encourage you to check out how our products can help you and your animals with nutritional and health solutions that can meet the needs you have, every day.

You may also contact us directly for more information on these products or how we can help you with the solutions you need.

Product of the USA.


I decided to find a farrier to barefoot trim our horses and make it a little easier on ourselves. I found someone who came well recommended and we had our first appointment yesterday. I had explained to him that I wanted to leave my horses barefooted as they have been this way for years and I have not experienced any negative aspects of keeping them this way even though I do some tough trail riding over some very rocky areas. Before he trimmed the boys he talked to me about using hoof boots if the boys seemed to be wearing their feet excessively or tender. I didn’t really comment because I have never really had to use them due to not having any issues. He trimmed Tenacious then Chic. He got half way through trimming Hank when he looked up and said, “ All three of your horses have incredible feet. Really healthy, tough feet that are pliable and strong. I can understand now why you don’t use shoes or boots.” At that point I had to tell him why I think my horse’s feet are so healthy- KA-HI, Integri-Hoof, and Flex Steps.

– Anonymous