Feed Premixes and Feed Formulation Services

Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc. has been providing quality Feed Premixes, Feed Formulation Services, and Private Label/Custom Blending for nearly 30 years.

Feed Products and Premixes:

We offer a line of premixes and feed ingredients that are used in the manufacture of feed for all types of livestock.

Feed Formulation Service:

We can offer computerized formulation service to provide both calculated analysis and least cost formulation.

Custom Blending and Private Label Service:

We also offer blending and packaging services customized to wholesale customer requests. We can offer turnkey service on packaged supplements ranging from 15 cc paste products up to 6 gallon pails or 50 pound bags of dry blended powders or meals. Our extensive ingredient inventory and broad supplier base mean that we have or can provide the necessary ingredients to meet your nutritional supplement and premix needs.

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