Weight Gain Supplements for Horses

Weight Gain Supplements for Horses

If you’re concerned about horse weight gain, it may be time to add an equine weight gain supplement to your horse’s feeding program. Although corn oil from Kauffman’s® Animal Health is a popular and economical choice, you can also choose a weight builder for horses that adds essential nutrients to your horse’s diet. Search our products and you’ll find a broad range of supplements that add healthy calories while also improving coat and brain function, and reducing inflammation and anxiety. 

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Since 1978, Leon J. Kauffman and Kauffman’s Animal Health have developed and manufactured the highest quality equine supplements in the horse nutrition industry. You’ll find our American-made products contain natural, nutritious ingredients such as omega 3, flax seed, vitamins and minerals. When you trust Kauffman’s Animal Health with your horse supplement needs, you’ll get greater peace of mind — and that’s why top trainers and veterinarians have turned to us for over 35 years.

Weight Build Supplements From Kauffman’s Animal Health

Horse weight gain supplements are a healthy way to increase your horse's weight and overall health and body condition. Providing energy for performance, our equine weight gain supplements add healthy fat to your horse's diet without increasing their sugar intake.

Our horse supplements for weight gain  come in several varieties and each provides its own unique set of benefits aside from helping weight gain for horses. Fish oil, for example, helps to improve the quality and sheen of the coat and hooves. Our corn oil is great for helping horses gain weight, but it's also known as a great way to disguise the flavor and scent of other supplements in animal feed -- great for those finicky mares.

Our  horse weight builders include:

- Coat, Skin & Weight. Add healthy calories to your horse’s diet while also supplementing nutrition with minerals and vitamins that provide superior coat sheen and better skin quality.

- Corn Oil. Our natural corn oil adds calories without any of the additives you don’t want and your horse doesn’t need.

- Fish Oil and Omega-3F. You already know fish oil provides a wide range of benefits for you, but it also helps your horse. Choose between two omega-enriched formulas.

- Summit. For a complete nutrition supplement that provides superior weight management, Summit from Kauffman’s Animal Health is your go-to product.

Make Kauffman’s Animal Health Your Equine Nutrition Source Today

Make Kauffman’s Animal Health your effective equine nutrition source today.