Horse Vitamins and Minerals

Horse Vitamins and Minerals

If you’ve noticed your horse isn’t performing as well as it should — or if you’re concerned that your feed or hay isn’t nutritionally adequate — Kauffman’s® Animal Health can help. For over 35 years, Kauffman’s Animal Health has developed and manufactured the finest horse vitamin supplements in the industry. Top trainers and veterinarians turn to Kauffman’s when they need high-quality vitamins for horses — isn’t it time you discovered why our equine vitamins work when other supplements fail?

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We manufacture our equine minerals and vitamins using natural ingredients in a state-of-the-art facility located in the United States. That means you’ll never have to worry about accidentally giving your horse vitamins packed with unsafe preservatives or chemicals. We design our nutritionally sound supplements specifically for equine athletes and performance horses to meet a broad range of health needs, from mental health to hooves and joints. When it comes to your horse, don’t settle for anything less than supplements from Kauffman’s.

Horse Vitamins From Kauffman’s Animal Health

Hay and grain provide some key vitamins and minerals for your horse, but not all hay or grain is created equal. Having your hay analyzed for vitamin and mineral content often reveals the need for further supplementation, especially for equine athletes and performance horses. Horse vitamins provide the extra nutrients that horses need to stay healthy and perform at their peak. Vitamin deficiencies in horses can lead to weight loss, dehydration, nervousness, hoof and coat problems, arthritis, and many other ailments and health problems.

Our supplements include:

- High-quality natural ingredients such as Biotin, methionine, omega-3, copper, zinc, magnesium, flax seed and more.

- Palatable formulas designed for weight management, stress and anxiety relief, joint and hoof health, coat and skin issues, proper digestion, muscle strength and recovery, vascular problems and more.

- Hydration formulas that prevent your horse from becoming dehydrated following periods of work or hot summer weather. With our hydration formulas, you can protect your horse and prevent unnecessary vet bills.

- Complete nutrition formulas developed to meet your horse’s complex nutrition needs.

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