Horse Probiotics

Horse Probiotics

Horses require balanced nutrition to work at peak strength and endurance. Unfortunately, grain and hay do not always provide the nutrients necessary to achieve optimal health. When your horse’s diet lacks the required nutrients, you may notice symptoms such as poor digestive habits, a dull coat, reduced immunity, weaker muscles and problems with joints and hooves. The good news is that replenishing your horse’s depleted nutrient stores can reverse these problems. At Kauffman’s® Animal Health, we have over 35 years of experience helping trainers, owners and veterinarians with nutritional supplement solutions that include horse probiotics.  

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Probiotics for horses are important because they regulate digestion and reduce the effects of stress on the horse’s body. Kauffman’s Animal Health manufactures our horse probiotics supplements in our climate-controlled, state-of-the-art facility. We never add dangerous chemicals or preservatives to our supplements, and that means you won’t have to worry about giving your horse anything other than the nutrition he needs to get and stay healthy. That’s why Kauffman’s Animal Health has been the go-to resource for trusted equine supplements since 1978.

Equine Digestive Supplements From Kauffman’s Animal Health

Keeping your horse’s digestive system healthy is key in maintaining overall health. Supplementing with horse probiotics will help to insure proper balance in the gut. Research has shown that by providing a probiotic during times of stress (deworming, training, hauling, foaling, etc.) and keeping the digestive tract populated with beneficial bacteria, most horses are better able to mount the immune responses necessary to combat potential diseases. That means less worry and fewer vet expenses for you.

Our digestive supplements for horses include formulas such as:

- Digest-Mor. Give your horse the targeted digestive nutrition he needs with Digest-Mor. Digest-Mor contains over two billion bacteria and enzymes created specifically for use in horses. Palatable and easy to use, Digest-Mor is the economical way to give your horse the nutrition he needs without resorting to multiple food sources.

- Digestive Health. Offering complete digestive support, Digestive Health helps the entire tract and is an effective preventer of Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome.

- Equine Gold. Designed specifically for hindgut health, Equine Gold contains bacteria, live yeast and enzymes to support optimal efficiency.

- Pro Paste. This injectable formula eliminates feeding problems and is easy to administer.

- Summit. When you want a nutrition supplement that addresses the complete needs of your horse, choose Summit. Not only is Summit an effective digestive aid, it also helps muscles, hooves, coat and skin, joint and weight.

Don’t let digestion problems keep your horse down. Try Kauffman’s horse probiotics today.