Equine Calming Supplements

Equine Calming Supplements

Did you know that equine anxiety and stress sometimes indicates a nutritional deficiency? Adding a horse calming supplement to your feeding regimen can relieve unwanted anxiety or excitable behaviors. At Kauffman’s® Animal Health, our horse calming pellets and supplements for horses can relax your horse, providing you with a more enjoyable ownership experience. An effective horse calming supplement can also reduce expensive vet bills, and give you a better return on your investment.

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At Kauffman's® , we know that your horse is an important part of your family, that is why we  created horse calming supplements. While many horses get stressed for a variety of reason, our equine calming supplements help your horse to relax. Don't let your horse stay stressed, contact us today for more information on our calming supplements for horses.

Kauffman’s Animal Health has developed and manufactured high-quality nutritional supplements for over 35 years. We create every supplement we make in our state-of-the-art, U.S. facility. When you choose Kauffman’s Animal Health, you’ll see why selective customers such as veterinarians and horse trainers trust us to provide them with safe and natural supplements — read our testimonials and see for yourself. When it comes to supplements that improve animal nutrition and wellness, Kauffman’s Animal Health is tops.

Our Calming Supplements

Are you currently dealing with an excitable, hormonal or excitable horse? If this sounds like your horse, you may want to consider adding an equine calming supplement to his or her daily ration.

By adding a calming supplement, your horse will focus more on the task at hand and less on the scary monsters in the bush! Our calming supplements for horses provide essential nutrients to improve mood and transmission of crucial fats throughout the body, without added tryptophan, so you know the horse's mood will ease without becoming lethargic.

 Our products include:

- Calming Pellets. Our award-winning calming supplement contains optimum levels of minerals and vitamins, without tryptophan.

- Vitamin B-1. This is a palatable B-1 in a sucrose base.

Reduce Equine Anxiety and Improve Mood With Kauffman’s Animal Health

Don’t let your horse suffer with anxiety or excitability. Add a safe and effective supplement from Kauffman’s Animal Health to his feeding regimen today.