Horse Hoof Supplements

Horse Hoof Supplements

No Hoof, No Horse! Aside from keeping a regular hoof maintenance schedule of trimming and cleaning, as well as keeping your horse on a recommended exercise regimen of at least 5 miles of walking per day through varied terrain, it is important to make sure your horse's hooves are healthy. You can start with a proper diet, including a hoof supplement for horses that contains natural, safe and effective ingredients.

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Ensure that your horse has healthy hooves by providing superior nutritional support for his hooves -- the very foundation of your horse! High-quality hoof supplements such as Kauffman's Integri-Hoof feature all the key nutrients, in proper amounts and ratios, required to support development and maintenance of strong, healthy hooves. Key ingredients include, amino acids (Methionine, Glycine and Lysine) combined with essential proteinated trace minerals (Zinc, Copper and Cobalt) and B vitamins (including Biotin).

Biotin and Methionine Hoof Supplements by Kauffman’s Animal Health

When it comes to finding natural, safe and effective hoof supplements, no other manufacturer can match the reputation of Kauffman’s® Animal Health. Since 1978, Kauffman’s has served the horse supplement needs of selective professionals in the equine racing, training and healthcare fields. Customers trust us to provide them with the horse health and hoof supplements that actually work — read our testimonials and see for yourself. When you choose Kauffman’s Animal Health for your horse supplement needs, you’ll see why we should be your go-to resource for better equine nutrition.

Our hoof supplements include:

- Biotin 100. Add Biotin 100 to your horse’s diet daily for 15mg of Vitamin H.

- Biotin 1085. Our most concentrated Vitamin H supplement, Biotin 1085 also contains the sulfur-enriched amino acid methionine.

- Biotin 240. A high-quality, spray-dried Biotin of uniform distribution, it also contains methionine.

- Integri-Hoof. A perfectly balanced supplement that maintains hooves’ integrity and supports healthy growth.

- Summit. A complete nutrition supplement that supports hoof and joint health as well as digestion, mental health, coat and skin health, and more.

Keep Moving With Kauffman’s Animal Health

When it comes to American-made horse hoof supplements designed for efficacy, knowledgeable and experienced customers turn to Kauffman’s Animal Health. You’ll love never having to worry about the safety or reliability of our products because we never use dangerous chemicals or additives. You’ll also appreciate lower vet bills and getting more return on investment, because your horse will be better able to work at peak performance.

Don’t let hoof problems keep your horse from the optimal health you both deserve. Make Kauffman’s Animal Health your source for high-quality equine nutritional supplements today.