Yucca for Horses

Yucca for Horses

When your horse suffers an injury or develops a bone or joint problem, you want a product that will reduce pain and swelling without any unpleasant side effects. Horse yucca from Kauffman’s® Animal Health is an effective anti-inflammatory medicine that does not irritate any of the organs. It’s also natural, safe and effective — read our testimonials and see why veterinarians and trainers turn to us for their most complex nutritional supplement needs.

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What to Know About Horse Yucca

Yucca reduces pain as well as bute and aspirin, but without gastric side effects. Yucca also reduces discomfort in horses with arthritis, bone and joint problems, and soft tissue swelling. Tissue swelling reduces the blood flow through injured areas slowing recovery; toxins build up irritating the liver and kidneys. Yucca cleanses these organs and promotes blood flow and tissue repair, while preventing further degeneration and injured tissues.

Kauffman’s makes two yucca products: Yucca Pellets and Yucca powder. Pellets are easy to administer and palatable, and our full-strength yucca powder is also easy to mix.

Horse Supplements From Kauffman’s Animal Health

Adding a supplement to your horse’s diet from Kauffman’s can help him reach his full potential.

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