Omega-3 for Horses

Omega-3 for Horses

Even the most well-balanced horse diets can be deficient in essential nutrients. Horses need nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids to achieve optimal wellness, yet most feeds and hay do not contain enough omega-3. You can give your horse the omega-3 he needs with an omega-3-enriched supplement from Kauffman’s®.

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Kauffman’s has developed and manufactured a wide range of effective and safe supplements since 1978. You’ll find our supplements don’t contain untested or unwanted ingredients. Top trainers, veterinarians and owners love our American-made supplements because they yield results when other products fail — read our testimonials and see for yourself. 

Omega-3 Supplements From Kauffman’s

Both Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids must be supplied to horses through their diet. Horses on high-quality hay and grain supplementation will not receive the same quantity and profile of Omega-3 fatty acids as horses allowed to graze pasture, as grains and vegetable oils are high in Omega-6 fatty acids. If your horse does not graze pasture, where the food supply is high in Omega-3 for horses, then you need an omega-3 supplement so your horse can achieve optimal health.

The old reliable stand-by ingredient supplying Omega-3 fatty acids to horses is ground stabilized flax or cold-pressed flaxseed oil. Recent research in fat supplementation of horses favors these fish oils for three reasons:

1) It produces a reduction in glycemic response to grain meals

2) It provides a concentrated source of highly digestible energy for performance athletes

3) It contains a favorable Omega-3: Omega-6 ratio, featuring EPA and DHA

Kauffman’s Animal Health makes four fatty-acid-enriched formulas that address these important issues. Our products include:

- Coat, Skin & Weight. Help your horse look and feel his best with Coat, Skin & Weight, a formula enriched with omega-3 fatty acids.

- Flex Steps. Don’t let your horse suffer with joint inflammation. Add Flex Steps instead and gain extra omega-3s in your horse’s diet.

- Omega-3F. Deliver targeted nutrition with our Omega-3F supplement.

- Summit. Our all-in-one nutrition supplement contains omega-3s as well as nutrients important for joint and hoof health, a shiny coat, better digestion and reduced anxiety.

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