Horse Magnesium

Horse anxiety isn’t just a sign of a nervous personality. Equine anxiety can also indicate a magnesium deficiency, and a magnesium deficiency can lead to other health problems.

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When you add a magnesium supplement to your horse’s diet, you can address this deficiency while also reducing associated anxiety and the risk of other health problems. That means adding magnesium can lead to a happier and healthier horse — with fewer veterinarian bills for you.

Kauffman’s® has created reliable, safe and effective nutritional supplements for horses since 1978. As the leading producer of American-made, high quality nutrition products, we have served customers including veterinarians, horse owners and trainers. Our products have earned a reputation for success that others have not — read our testimonials and see for yourself. When you choose Kauffman’s, you’ll enhance the health of your horse.

Magnesium for Horses From Kauffman’s

Magnesium deficiency in horses may lead to nervousness. Alternatively, nervous, irritable horses may be more susceptible to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS); therefore, exacerbating both conditions. You can avoid these problems by including a horse magnesium product in your horse’s dietary regimen. Our products include:

  • Calming pellets — Calming pellets are an easy way to add magnesium to your horse’s diet.

  • Hydromax — Hydromax blends essential minerals, including magnesium, to produce enhanced hydration and faster recovery times following periods of work.

  • Integri-Hoof — Integri-Hoof contains minerals that improve nutrient absorption, reduce anxiety and protect joint and hoof health.


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