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One of the biggest concerns horse owners and trainers have is protecting the connective tissues that promote confident, pain-free mobility. Adding a nutritional supplement to your horse’s diet can support this goal and potentially reduce costly trips to the veterinarian. Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in horses, is essential to this goal. When your horse’s stores deplete, his ability to move are negatively affected. Supporting the health and resilience of your horse’s connective tissues helps assure pain-free productivity for years to come.

At Kauffman’s® Animal Health, we know how important it is to protect your horse from preventable health problems. We have developed and manufactured trusted equine nutritional supplements for selective veterinarians, owners and trainers since 1978. Our products succeed when others fail, and that’s why we’re the industry resource for high-quality nutritional products like hyaluronic acid.

Horse Hyaluronic Acid From Kauffman’s Animal Health

Hyaluronic acid (also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate) is a non-sulfated GAG widely distributed throughout connective and neural tissues. It is an important component of articular cartilage as it binds water and is responsible for the resilience of cartilage.

Kauffman’s Animal Health’s Flex Steps is a popular choice for horse owners who want to improve or sustain the strength of connective tissue. With Flex Steps, you can give your horse the nutrients it needs to grow stronger hooves and joints — which makes mobility easier and more comfortable.

Make Kauffman’s Animal Health Your Trusted Resource for Equine Nutritional Supplements

Whether you want to help your horse recover from a joint injury or you’re interested in developing a comprehensive nutrition program, Kauffman’s Animal Health can help. With the highest quality ingredients manufactured in our advanced facility, you can rest assured knowing we have the expertise you need to help your horse achieve optimal health.

Make Kauffman’s Animal Health your trusted resource for equine supplements today.