Corn Oil for Horses

Corn Oil for Horses

Horse feed corn oil is one of the most economical and popular ways to increase the calorie density of any feeding program. Corn oil also provides your horse with the energy it needs — without any of the unwanted byproducts from sugar, starch or protein.

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Assuring your horse receives adequate calories and nutrition in every meal is undoubtedly one of your top priorities.

Kauffman’s® has developed the most trusted equine nutritional products in the industry since 1978. When Kauffman’s launched, we focused exclusively on the horse racing industry. As word of our quality products grew, we expanded into nutritional products for livestock, poultry and canines. When you choose Kauffman’s, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with using a supplier that vets, trainers and owners have trusted for decades.

Corn Oil From Kauffman’s

Corn oil is the least expensive plant-based oil supplement used in equine feeds. For decades corn oil has been used to mask powdered supplements and to provide additional calories, but in the last several years has been scrutinized for its extremely low Omega-3 content, and its high Omega-6 content that has been shown to have pro-inflammatory properties. Corn oil can be used to significantly increase the caloric density of any feeding program and will provide energy without increased feed volume, starch, sugar or protein.

Pure Corn Oil From Kauffman’s

Kauffman’s Pure Corn Oil is the perfect supplemental fat source for your horse, and it’s the ideal way to hide a health-enhancing supplement in your finicky horse’s feed. Don’t choose a lesser quality corn oil that can’t offer your horse the same nutritional value — instead, go with the horse experts at Kauffman’s Animal Health.

Make us your source for safe and effective nutrition supplements today.