Flax Seed for Horses

Just like people, horses require balanced nutrition and plenty of exercise to achieve optimal health. Unlike people, identifying when your horse has a nutritional deficiency isn’t always easy.

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When your horse experiences the early signs of Cushing’s Disease, or insulin resistance, adding a Omega-3 fatty acid supplement such as flax seed to his diet may support better overall health.

If you need a flax seed supplement designed specifically for the needs of horses, Kauffman’s® can help. When you choose Kauffman’s, you can relax knowing that we’re the respected source of safe and effective equine supplements for veterinarians, horse trainers and owners. Read our testimonials, and see why Kauffman’s has earned the trust of people just like you for over 35 years.

Flax Seed Supplements From Kauffman’s

Flaxseed (also known as linseed) is an excellent source of energy for horses due to its fat content (about 41%), with a significant portion of the fatty acids being omega-3. Horse flax seed also has the potential to stabilize blood glucose levels and may benefit horses experiencing insulin resistance and Cushing's Disease.

Our equine flax seed supplements include formulas designed for:

  • A healthier coat, skin and weight — Changes in coat and skin quality, as well as weight, can appear over time. Prevent problems now with our flax seed supplement.

  • Balanced digestive health — A healthy digestive system has balanced bacteria, less inflammation and stronger immunity. Protect your horse’s digestive health with Kauffman’s Animal Health.

  • Stronger and healthier hooves — Strong and healthy hooves make a working horse’s life easier. Give him the targeted nutrition he needs with our specialized formula.

  • An omega-3 boost — Omega-3 fatty acids support horse health in several ways. Add our formula to your horse’s diet today.

Make Kauffman’s, your source for safe and effective equine supplements today.