Horse Copper and Zinc

Proper mineral nutrition is critical for maintaining healthy, productive horses. Zinc (Zn) is important in bone development, healthy hooves, coat and reproduction, and Copper (Cu), is important in bone and cartilage development and iron utilization.Copper deficiency in horses can lead to  a variety of health problems that may require a veterinary intervention. At Kauffman’s® Animal Health, we develop and manufacture American-made supplements for horses that contain copper and zinc to prevent copper deficiency in horses as well as zinc deficiency.

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Horse owners, trainers and veterinarians have trusted Kauffman’s Animal Health for more than 35 years. Leon J. Kauffman launched Kauffman’s Animal Health as a nutrition specialist in the horse racing industry. As word of his reputation spread, Kauffman’s Animal Health became the go-to resource for selective customers who expect high quality nutritional supplements that are proven for safety and efficiency. 

Zinc and Copper Supplements for Horses From Kauffman’s Animal Health

Zinc deficiencies can result in a decreased appetite, growth, and hoof/coat problems. Copper deficiencies can result in developmental bone disorders and anemia. When you add a copper and zinc supplement to your horse’s diet, you can prevent horse discomfort and reduce unnecessary veterinary expenses.

Integri-Hoof contains the minerals your horse needs to assure strong and healthy hoof growth. Summit is an excellent all-in-one supplement that supports full-body health, from coat and skin to joints to hooves. KA-HI is a cold-process nutrition supplement that is rich in necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as protein. If you’re concerned your horse’s diet may have gaps, KA-HI can help.

Make Kauffman’s Animal Health your source for better horse nutrition today.