Biotin for Horses

Equine biotin is an essential nutrient your horse must consume for optimal health. Horse biotin is an extremely important nutrient, because without it, your horse can suffer from problems with poor quality skin, coat, or hoof problems.

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Your horse relies on you to anticipate his health and nutrition needs. A dull coat, skin problems or unhealthy hooves may be signs that you should consider making changes to your horse’s diet. Horse diets that lack the proper nutrients can cause several severe problems, but with the right supplements, you can address your horse’s health needs — before going to the veterinarian becomes necessary.

With regular feeding, biotin for equines can improve coat luster as well as skin and hoof quality. It can take a few months of daily biotin supplements to repair severely deficient hooves, but it should become obvious within a couple of weeks that these conditions are at least improving.

Horse Biotin From Kauffman’s® 

For over 35 years, Kauffman’s, A Daniel Baum Company, has been a respected resource for high-quality equine supplements. Our biotin horse supplements come in a range of formulas, including:

  • Biotin 100 — Feed your horse 15mg of biotin daily with our Biotin 100 formula.

  • Biotin 1085 — This is a concentrated biotin enhanced with a sulfurous amino acid.

  • Biotin 240 — This is a dry, stable base sprayed with biotin for even distribution. It also contains sulfur.

  • Summit — This is a complete supplement that supports stronger joints, digestion, muscles, hooves, coat and weight.

  • Integri-Hoof —  This is a hoof-specific formula that supports growth and development.

For long-lasting results, continue using biotin for your horse after the deficiency has been corrected. This dietary supplementation will help the horse’s skin, coat, and hooves stay strong and resilient against the elements in the long run.

Make Kauffman’s, Your Source for Safe Equine Nutrition

Kauffman's Animal Health has long been a leader in equine nutrition and supplementation. Our biotin supplements for horses are sure to help your horse reach new heights in terms of the health of its coat, skin, and hooves. Kauffman’s also develops and manufactures a complete line of horse health supplements that address issues such as digestion, anxiety, joint strength, growth and more.

Since 1978, industry professionals have turned to Kauffman’s for the safe and effective remedies they need — read our testimonials and see for yourself. Contact us today if you have any questions about which supplements to use for your horse's hoof problems.