Canine Coat and Skin Supplements

Canine Coat and Skin Supplements

Canine skin disorders are among the most common health problems in dogs, and these skin disorders in dogs have many causes. The condition of a dog's skin and coat can also be an important indicator of its general health and well-being. Help support the health of your dog's skin and coat with one of our popular and trusted Canine formula's. Our canine formulas include high quality ingredients like Omega-3 fatty acids, Algal oil high in DHA , Brewer's Yeast and more.

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In many cases, a dull coat or persistent itching indicates the presence of a nutritional deficiency that could be fixed with the addition of a skin supplement designed for dogs. Failing to attend to signs of a nutritional deficiency can lead to other problems, such as infection. The good news is that the right dog coat and skin supplement can improve the health and appearance of your dog while preventing unnecessary and costly trips to your veterinarian.

For over 35 years, Leon J. Kauffman and Kauffman’s® Animal Health have developed and manufactured effective nutritional supplements for dogs, livestock, horses and poultry. Our products are American-made, safe and effective. Experienced owners, trainers and veterinarians choose us because our products work when others fail. When you choose Kauffman’s Animal Health, you’ll enhance the health of your pet and reduce costly expenses associated with preventable skin conditions.

Coat Supplements for Dogs From Kauffman’s Animal Health

Our skin and coat supplements for dogs support the health of your dog because they include high quality ingredients, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, algal oil high in DHA, brewer's yeast and more. Dogs with dry skin often demonstrate signs of discomfort, such as persistent itching, biting or licking. It could also be that his body is deficient in the nutrients he needs to reach his full potential. Dull fur or hair is another sign your dog could benefit from adding a skin and coat supplement to his diet.

Kauffman’s Animal Health makes two safe and effective formulas that address each of these problems. Both our Canine Coat & Skin and Fortitude Canine with Algal DHA formulas address skin and coat problems, in addition to providing other health benefits such as improved brain function. Simply sprinkle either formula over your dog’s food. Unlike other supplements, your dog won’t mind the palatable flavors of nutritional products from Kauffman’s Animal Health.

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