Vitamin A for Dogs

A dull, rough coat could be a sign of nutrient deficiencies? One such nutrient is Vitamin A. Vitamin A, once ingested, is stored in fat cells mainly within the liver. Without adequate amounts of Vitamin A, your dog may suffer from a variety of conditions that may require adding safe Vitamin A supplementation into your dog’s diet.

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Vitamin A and Your Dog

Your dog’s body stores the Vitamin A he consumes until it is needed by his body. Vitamin A has many roles. It is important for vision, as well as for other normal body functions that may be impacted by Vitamin A deficiency.  Some common observations include:

  • Skin and coat conditions, including a dull coat — If your dog scratches or licks his fur, or has a dull coat, it may be because he has a Vitamin A deficiency. A Vitamin A supplement can be a core part of a supplement program to support skin health.

  • Poor growth — A Vitamin A deficiency could impact keep your dog from reaching his true potential.  Dogs can benefit from additional Vitamin A supplementation.

  • Night blindness — Vitamin A is an essential vitamin supporting normal eye health in dogs and humans, too.

  • Difficulty breeding — If you’re planning to breed your dog, make Vitamin A an essential part of her nutrition regimen to help maintain normal function of reproductive processes.

Vitamin A Supplements in the Fortitude Canine Line 

Fortitude Canine line contains two products with supplemental Vitamin A added. Our Canine Coat & Skin Formula delivers the added Vitamin A your pet needs in a palatable, easy-to-administer powder — simply sprinkle it over your dog’s food. Our Canine Stress Protection Formula also contains a supplemental level of Vitamin A along with higher levels of protein and fat for that extra support active dogs may need.

Make Fortitude Canine Products Your Nutritional Resource

Don’t let a Vitamin A deficiency impact your dog. Consider using Fortitude Canine products with added Vitamin A to your dog’s food every day.