Flax Seed for Dogs

Have you ever noticed that your dog’s coat isn’t as shiny as it was when he was a puppy? Perhaps you’ve noticed he’s itching more than he used to. He may even develop uncomfortable-looking hot spots from constant licking or biting. If so, the nutrients in flax seed may benefit your dog immensely.

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What to Know About Canine Flax Seed

Administering flax seed is easy because you can sprinkle our Fortitude Canine or Fortitude Canine Joint containing whole ground flaxseed products right over your dog’s food.   Doing this every day is a great way to provide flaxseed and other key ingredients designed to support skin health in your dog.

Our Formulas

The Fortitude Canine line features 2 products containing flax seed that are designed to help maintain the health of coat and skin.

Make Fortitude products your choice for supporting skin health today!