Stress Protection Supplements for Dogs

Stress Protection Supplements for Dogs

Like humans, dogs can become stressed too.Anxiety in dogs can be triggered by many different things. stress in dogs, including hunger, other pets, boredom, noise, and even the owners themselves. When dogs become stressed, they may seek to chew on your favorite rug, dig on your couch, mess in the house, or otherwise behaving in undesirable ways. Anxiety in dogs can make you best friend a totally different dog.

Our Canine Stress protection formula is proven to be a source of balanced vitamins, antioxidants, chelated trace minerals, digestive enzymes and live probiotic lactic acid-producing bacteria in a palatable protein packed powder base, which help ease your dog's stress and anxiety without "doping him down". Trust the health of your animals - trust Kauffman's Animal Health.

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Kauffman’s Animal Health Can Help

At Kauffman’s Animal Health, we understand how challenging it is to watch a dog you care about suffer from the effects of canine stress. Although you’re anxious for a supplement to calm your pet, you don’t want to drug him and lose all the best parts of his personality. If only there was a way to calm your dog's canine stress, safely and naturally, without having to visit the vet every month for a special drug!

The Formula

Kauffman’s Animal Health calming supplement for dogs is safe and effective for all breeds and dogs, including show dogs, pregnant and lactating dogs, and high-energy dogs. It’s also perfect for optimizing pre-breeding conditions and improving immune system function. Our formula contains:

- Supplemental proteins such as casein, egg, brewer’s yeast and liver.
- Powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium and beta carotene.
- Essential digestive enzymes and probiotic bacteria that favorably change the balance of gut microbiota.
- Palatable natural flavors that make administration easy — just add powder to food, and your dog will never know the difference.

Kauffman’s Animal Health Is Your Source for Canine Nutritional Supplements

Kauffman’s Animal Health also develops and manufactures several canine nutrition supplements that can help your dog live a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle. Our products include:

- Coat and skin supplements — Restore your dog’s coat to a lustrous shine with a safe and natural supplement from Kauffman’s Animal Health.

- Joint health supplements — Don’t let joint problems keep your dog from enjoying his favorite activities. Help keep his bones and joints healthy and strong with our specialized supplements for joint health.

- Complete wellness supplements — Our complete wellness supplements cover all the bases — from coat and joints to mood and digestion, Kauffman’s has the best interests of your dog at heart.

- Supplements for health and behavior problems — When your vet recommends a specific formula for a specific problem, browse our selection and find the supplement that’s right for you.

- Canine nutrition supplements made with high quality ingredients — Our ingredients are safe and natural, so you can feel comfortable giving them to your dog.

Trust the health of your animals - trust Kauffman's Animal Health.