Dog Shows

Dog shows may become stressful events for your pet. All of the commotion at a dog show can lead a normally relaxed dog to feel unsettled.

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Negative Effects of Stress In Show Dogs

As a responsible dog owner, it is up to you, to recognize your dog's stress, and take steps to either desensitize your dog, or protect him from stressful situations. Reducing your dog's stress for a show is especially important in order to help support normal physical and mental performance during their routine. Not only can stress affect a dog's performance, it may also change their normal behaviors that may impact their physical and mental well-being which may lead to aggressive behavior, dull coat, and weight loss.

Supplements For Canine Stress Reduction

Fortitude Canine Stress Protection Formula is designed to provide a high quality, supplemental source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics in a high protein, high energy base to support the physical and mental well-being of your dog. Whether your dog is a show dog or is just needing added support, contact us today!