Canine Skin Problems


Canine Skin Problems

There are many conditions that can cause dog skin problems, the dog's diet, stress levels, and environment are three key factors. If a dog's diet lacks the proper vitamins, minerals, and quality fats like Omega 3, your poor pup is likely to have a less than optimal coat with dry, itchy skin. Make sure your dog's nutritional needs are met to ensure a long, healthy life. Help avoid skin problems by supplementing his diet with Kauffman's Canine Skin & Coat Formula or Canine Stress Protection Formula. These two supplements provide the necessary nutrients to keep your dog's coat looking great.

When it comes to choosing the right coat and skin canine supplement it is best to look at your dog's overall personality. If your dog often suffers from separation anxiety and daily stress, our Canine Stress Protection Formula will treat your dog's stress while providing your dog with the necessary nutrients for a happy, health life.

However, if your dog has a laid back personality and rarely shows symptoms of anxiety or stress, our Canine Coat & Skin Enhancing Formula may be the right choice for you. This canine coat supplement helps your dog's skin and coat by providing the proper nutrients. Contact us today for a free sample of our canine coat & skin enhancing supplements!

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