Canine Joint Pain

Our beloved dogs can't tell us that they are in pain. However, they may give us some clues that things are not right. Your dog is less likely to want to stay active when they are in pain. Staying active, however, is essential to a dog’s sense of well-being and physical health. The obvious sign for joint pain is a lack of desire to get up and move about, limping and stiffness may also be seen. If you begin to notice these symptoms your dog may be suffering from canine joint pain.

Like humans canines, joints deteriorate as a dog ages. The level of activity a dog had as well as their breed can speed up the joint deterioration process. We keep our joints healthy as we age by taking vitamins and minerals to support our joints. We can also utilize supplements for dogs to help decrease joint deterioration and support a dog who is already suffering from Dog joint pain. Don't let joint pain stop your dog in its tracks, call us today to get canine joint supplements!

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