Canine Nutrition

Canine Nutrition

Our high quality canine supplements are formulated with expertise from a licensed veterinarian specializing in animal nutrition and is active in providing consultation to the pet food and supplement industry. We are proud of the fact that our Canine Supplements are based on natural whole food concepts and are fortified with key nutrients. Our canine products support dog's joints, skin, coats,  stress, and complete wellness.


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Nutritional Supplements for Dogs

At Kauffman’s Animal Health, we understand that your dog is more than an animal — he’s a cherished member of your family. You want to protect his health and well-being, while avoiding unnecessary and expensive trips to the veterinarian. Our canine nutritional products are the perfect answer for your natural dog supplement needs. Unlike other supplements for dogs, our canine nutrition products contain only the highest quality ingredients that are made in America in our advanced facility.

Canine Nutrition Supplements From Kauffman’s Animal Health

The care we put into every canine nutritional supplement we make means you won’t have to worry about feeding your dog untested, unsafe products.

Our nutritional supplements for dogs include:

  • Coat and skin supplements — Dogs commonly suffer from coat and skin problems that cause discomfort at best and dangerous infections at worst. Kauffman’s Animal Health can help you find the natural dog supplement that can relieve these symptoms while restoring his coat to a lustrous shine.

  • Calming supplements — Anxiety and aggression are challenging for you but terrifying for your dog. With a calming supplement for dogs from Kauffman’s Animal Health, you can relieve your dog’s stress and enjoy a more relaxing relationship.

  • Joint health supplements — Joint problems are another common canine health issue, but with proper nutrition, you can give your dog the comfortable mobility he deserves.

  • Complete wellness supplements — Multivitamins aren’t just for humans anymore. With a complete wellness supplement from Kauffman’s Animal Health, you can look forward to many healthier years together.

  • Supplements for health and behavior problems — From pregnancy and dog show preparation to shedding and over-activity, Kauffman’s Animal Health can help.

  • Canine nutrition supplements made with high quality ingredients — If you’re searching for a particular product, such as brewer’s yeast, DHA, algal oil or glucosamine, browse our selection of ingredient-specific products. We also have canine vitamin supplements.

Help Your Dog Enjoy a Healthier Life With Kauffman’s Animal Health

Your dog lives every day for you — shouldn’t you do everything you can to help him live the healthiest lifestyle possible? With Kauffman’s Animal Health, you can.

Browse our selection of nutritional supplements for dogs today.