Calf Nutritional Supplements

Calf Nutritional Supplements

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Assuring the future health of your herd begins with proper calf nutrition. As a farmer your livestock is essential to your farm, that is why calf nutrition is so essential to the future of your farm.You can protect your most vulnerable livestock with calf nutritional products by Kauffman’s® Animal Health (parent company of LIRA GOLD®). At Kauffman’s Animal Health, you’ll find expertly developed calf nutritional and specialty products made in America that can improve output, reduce veterinary expenses and grow your bottom line.

Reduce illness in your young livestock by giving your calves the proper nutritional supplements!

Calf Nutrition

Kauffman’s Animal Health has earned a reputation in the livestock industry as providing the highest quality bovine supplements. LIRA GOLD® from Kauffman’s Animal Health offers a variety of direct-fed microbial supplements and nutritional solutions for dairy programs. With over 35 years of animal supplement experience, farmers and dairy managers rely on us for the products that improve and sustain health.  

The benefits of using LIRA GOLD® products include improved health, lower veterinary costs, higher production and overall greater profit potential. When you choose nutritional products from Kauffman’s Animal Health, you’ll see why we’re a leader in animal care. Our products include:

  • Digestive aids — Digestive upset is a threat to the health of your calf. With LIRA GOLD, you can help a sick calf restore normal digestive function.
  • Digestive supplements — Adding microbials, fiber and strategic proteins to the diet of a calf can reduce the likelihood of digestive disease.
  • Electrolyte and mineral supplements — chronic scoors can cause dehydration. With an electrolyte and mineral supplement from LIRA GOLD, you can keep your calves strong and energetic.
  • Syringes, capsules and concentrates — whether you need individual doses in smaller quantities or concentrate you can blend to nourish your larger herd, Kauffman’s Animal Health can help.


Choose Kauffman’s Animal Health for Your Calf Nutrition Needs

LIRA GOLD has helped dairy farmers assure the health and output of their herds for decades. Contact us for your calf supplement needs today!

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