Cow Digestion Supplements

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As a dairy farmer, you understand that the health of your herd means everything. Digestive problems threaten milk production as well as cow health — and that can negatively affect the profitability of your business. LIRA GOLD®can help you improve and sustain the health of your dairy herd with digestive supplements that assure proper digestion and maintain bacterial balance throughout the entire digestive tract

LIRA Products for Better Bovine Health

The LIRA GOLD line includes products for mature cows and growing calves, they come in concentrate powder, gel and capsule formulations. With LIRA, you can protect the sensitive gut microflora while reducing the growth of pathogens that can cause digestive upset. In growing and fully mature cows, digestive upset can lead to deadly dehydration in extreme cases.

When microbial populations and numbers in the rumen change and normal rumen function is altered, the following issues and challenges can occur:

  • Shifts in ruminal pH; rapid at times.
  • Increase in oxygen concentration in the rumen.
  • Poor fiber digestion.
  • Changes in volatile fatty acid (VFA) production.
  • Variations in microbial protein synthesis.
  • Reduced milk production and component yield.

By stabilizing rumen conditions and improving fiber digestion, increased milk production will result.

Stronger Health Means Better Production

Kauffman’s Animal Health develops and manufactures LIRA GOLD products to the highest nutritional standards in our facility. In addition to nutritional supplements for cows and calves, Kauffman’s Animal Health produces products for horses, poultry, dogs and other livestock. If your herd is struggling with digestive problems, try LIRA GOLD — our products succeed where others have failed.

Explore LIRA GOLD from Kauffman’s Animal Health today.