Bovine Nutritional Supplements

Bovine Nutritional Supplements

Making bovine nutrition a top priority allows you to maximize the output and health of your livestock. Without a diet comprised of the right nutrients, not only will milk production suffer, but so will overall health. Kauffman’s® Animal Health (parent company of LIRA GOLD®) develops, manufactures and sells high-quality livestock nutritional supplements that can improve herd output while reducing the expenses associated with managing a dairy farm. 

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When you choose LIRA GOLD® for your bovine nutrition needs, you’ll improve your profitability and assure a healthier herd at the same time.  

Calf and Cow Nutrition

Kauffman’s Animal Health has helped farmers, veterinarians, managers and pet owners for over 35 years. With a commitment to developing nutritionally sound products in a modern facility, American-made products from Kauffman’s Animal Health can help your livestock experience their best health.

LIRA GOLD® from Kauffman’s Animal Health offers a variety of direct-fed microbial supplements and nutritional solutions for a variety of dairy enterprises. We have manufactured this product for nearly 20 years with great success, and we have continued the same strong tradition of offering high-quality bovine DFM’s with our over 35 years of animal health and nutrition experience. The benefits of using Lira Gold® products include improved health, lower veterinary costs, higher production and overall greater profit potential. That’s why LIRA GOLD® is one of the most respected names in livestock nutritional care.

Healthy Livestock Need LIRA GOLD®

Leon J. Kauffman launched Kauffman’s Animal Health in 1978 to provide caring owners and caregivers with the nutritional products they needed to sustain and improve health. You’ll find supplements, premixes and specialty products that aid proper digestive function, restore coat to a lustrous shine, strengthen hooves, reduce anxiety and more. At Kauffman’s Animal Health, we can help when other products fail.

We invite you to explore our full line of LIRA products, and how they can benefit your dairy.

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