Fortitude Canine Supplements

Kauffman’s FORTITUDETM Canine Supplements with DHA GOLD® Provide Nutrients from Natural Whole Foods to Assure Buoyant Health and Longevity for Your Canine Best Friend


fortitude-canine-jointFORTITUDE Canine and FORTITUDE Canine Joint both feature natural whole food ingredients as well as DHA GOLD®, a high quality, vegetarian source of DHA. According to veterinary nutritionist Edward Moser, VMD, DACVN: “the omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, has important metabolic consequences in nervous and brain tissue and in the modulation of inflammatory and immune response. This conditionally essential fatty acid may not be present in your dog’s diet.”

Kauffman’s FORTITUDE Canine is a palatable, natural whole food supplement for dogs, supplying a blend of omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA from DHA GOLD® and ALA from flaxseed; a minimally processed antioxidant-rich blend of greens, sprouts, fruit and vegetables; and a pre-biotic/live probiotic blend for digestive health. Feeding a dog a natural whole food supplement introduces numerous health promoting, non-synthetic substances into the gastrointestinal tract that work together for buoyant physical and mental health and longevity. This supplement is recommended for growing pups, reproducing and aging animals, as well as for desired improvements in skin health, coat sheen and appearance.

Kauffman’s FORTITUDE Canine Joint is designed to provide regenerative nutritional support to dogs affected with lameness due to osteoarthritis and slow, ongoing cartilage loss. It includes a similar blend of omega-3 fatty acids as Kauffman’s FORTITUDE Canine to modulate inflammatory and immune response. In addition, natural glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate from shrimp shells and chicken cartilage, respectively, are included for nutrition and protection of joint cartilage and provision of relief of clinical signs of osteoarthritis. Antioxidant vitamins E and C are included to decrease the damage done to the joint environment by free radicals. This blend provides a positive synergistic effect on joint structure and function.

Kauffman’s FORTITUDE Canine products have no chemical preservatives, no wheat or soy derivatives and have proven palatability and results. FORTITUDE products are available online ( and at regional independent pet stores, concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. DHA GOLD® is a dried, whole-cell algae product used to provide DHA enrichment for companion animals, performance animals and commercially raised animals. Adding DHA GOLD® to animal feed is a safe and effective way to deliver preformed DHA to animals.