How to Help Your Horse’s Coat Shine

How to Help your Horse’s Coat Shine

Ensuring your horse has constant access to fresh water, plenty of grazing time and a diet comprised of dust-free, high-quality forage will contribute to a healthy coat. However, your horse may require more to give it that beautiful shine.



Supplements for a shiny horse coat will help to provide adequate amounts of essential fatty acids (omega-3s) derived from fish oil and flaxseed. Minerals such as selenium, zinc and copper will also help to improve your horse’s coat condition.


Horse Coat Supplements:

























Horses consuming diets deficient in these minerals  may suffer from slow hair growth, flaky skin and a dull coat. Equine diets lacking sufficient vitamins such as Biotin, Vitamin A and Vitamin B6 may also cause their coat to become dull, brittle and overly fine.


Nutritionally, What Can I Give My Horse to Help Make Their Coat Shine?


Have you noticed that your horse’s coat is dull, dry and lacks shine? Why not try a nutritional supplement? One that provides the correct combination of nutrients essential to supporting your horse’s coat all year long.


Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and probiotics, Kauffman’s Coat, Skin & Weight nutritional supplement not only offers your horse a premium proprietary blend nutrients, but it also has probiotics that help support digestive system health.


Equine supplements for a shiny horse coat also includes Kauffman’s Pure Corn Oil and Kauffman’s Summit, a complete, pelleted, dietary supplement containing minerals, protein, amino acids and vitamins necessary to promote hoof, joint, muscle and coat health. Kauffman’s Summit also provides probiotics and digestive enzymes.


3 More Shiny Coat Tips for Horses


To ensure your horse has the shiniest coat possible, you should:


  1. Use the right grooming tools — Stock your grooming kit with a sweat scraper, a hoof pick, a rubber curry comb, a mane and tail comb, a round soft brush and a dandy (stiff) brush. You should clean grooming tools once a month and replace grooming items every year with new ones.
  2. Groom your horse daily — Frequent grooming not only helps to keep your horses coat clean and free of dust and dirt, but the grooming process also brings natural oils to the coat surface. These natural oils are essential when maintaining a healthy, shiny coat.
  3. Go easy on the baths — Too-frequent bathing of your horse will strip his coat of oils needed to give it a beautiful shine. Instead of bathing, brush and groom your horse to keep his coat, mane and tail clean. Bathe him only when necessary.


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