Our Facilities

We invite you to take a look through our new 19,000 sq. ft. production plant. This state-of-the-art facility opened in December 1999 and has more than tripled our production capacity. This increase in capacity and our attention to detail in planning and construction has positioned us to provide superior service in the 21st century. Follow the photos below to see how we are "raising the bar" in the manufacture of animal feed supplements and premixes!

This photo shows the outside of our new plant during construction. Our new plant was designed and built with one singular purpose in mind - to provide our customers with top quality products and services.

New storage, blending, and packaging equipment were installed as part of the comprehensive design of the facility. This photo shows the larger pieces of equipment in place before the building structure was erected.

This photograph shows the plant after completion. The new plant has been in operation since late December 1999.

This facility has given us expanded office space to continue to grow.

Product batches are prepared in our climate-controlled preparation and packaging room. Small batches that require hand packaging return to this room after blending for final package preparation.

These two photos show the heart of our production process. Prepared batches are moved from the preparation room into the production/blending room (also climate controlled) where they are combined with carrier ingredients from the bulk storage bins (large gray structure to the right). All materials are then loaded into the blenders (one of our three ribbon blenders is the green machine in the center of the photos). When the blending cycle is complete, the mixed product is conveyed to a holding tank for packaging or pelleting. All products (pellets or meal type) are screened before packaging to assure proper size and texture.